WebODF: work with your office files in the cloud, on the desktop and on your mobile

WebODF used for editing

Editing a text document with the WebODF Editor.

WebODF is a JavaScript library that makes it easy to add Open Document Format (ODF) support to your website and to your mobile or desktop application. It uses HTML and CSS to display ODF documents.

Check out our demos and see what apps and other features are available.

WebODF is a Free Software project. All code is available under the AGPL. This means that you can use the code free of charge, investigate how it works, and share it with others. If you are interested in using WebODF in your commercial product (and do not want to disclose your sources / obey AGPL), contact KO GmbH for a commercial license.


WebODF 0.5.3 released, bringing another round of improvements and fixes


The latest version of WebODF brings improvements in the rendering of text styled as subscript or superscript, fixes positioning of the IME composition menu & avatar when entering characters, and more.

So go to the Download page and update your deployment of webodf.js or the Wodo.TextEditor. Or check the demos.

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WebODF 0.5.0 released, gains text editor


KO GmbH and the developers of WebODF today released WebODF 0.5. After a long period of hard work, this new version features editing of OpenDocument Text files. It also contains lots of display improvements. WebODF still uses only HTML, CSS and JavaScript without any need for a special server software.

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WebODF Collaborative Editor nominated for ISOC.nl Innovation Award


Today, ISOC, the Dutch Internet Society, announced that WebODF Collaborative Editor is nominated for the Innovatie Award 2014. This award is given to a person, institution or initiative that helped improve of the internet and the use of the internet.

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ownCloud Documents


ownCloud and WebODF

ownCloud Documents uses WebODF

ownCloud 6 which is released today as beta 1 presents "ownCloud Documents". What is that? It is real-time collaborative editing based on WebODF technology.

In a joint effort between the ownCloud project and the WebODF team at KO GmbH these two technologies were combined to create a product for document collaboration completely based on free software.

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Getting started

WebODF can be used on any website and application. To start using WebODF on your website quickly, read the getting started page that outlines three simples steps:

  1. Put webodf.js on your web server.
  2. Put your OpenDocument files on your web server.
  3. Add a small snippet of HTML to your web page.