Demos of using WebODF

Try our WebODF demos. See how WebODF can be used for different purposes.

Try editing of ODT documents...

Edit ODT Documents

You can open, edit, and save text documents in the Editor purely client-side, without the need to communicate the file to a server. The Editor webapp allows you to apply various formatting styles to text, manipulate paragraph styles, insert images, and work with annotations.

Try the editor.

Try filling a formular displayed with WebODF.

Generate Documents

You want to strengthen your workflows around documents by focusing on certain data elements? By adding HTML form elements to a WebODF based solution you can do it. We created a simple example showing invoice generation. Depending on your workflow-definition, data can be entered manually or fetched from your database or ERP system.

Try the invoice-generator demo.

Try presenting ODP slides...

Present Slides Directly from a Webpage

Why rely on the availablility of an office suite when giving a presentation? With WebODF, you can give your presentations from the browser. That way, it is easy for people to follow the presentation as you present it and link to it from social media and websites. One can write a presentation and put it on a website without doing any conversion; the OpenDocument presentation can be used straight away.

Try the presentation.